Chef Chu's


A Peninsula favorite since opening its doors in 1970, Chef Chu’s is known world-wide for its innovative, tempting cuisine and charismatic owner, Lawrence C. C. Chu.

Chef Chu’s is a lively, bustling place, with Chef Chu himself often at the center of the activity. Almost always at the restaurant, he remains as busily involved in the daily operations as ever, whether it be helping out in the kitchen or greeting people as they enter. As you watch him “in action,” you quickly understand that his hands-on participation and energy have played a large role in his success. So, too, have his deliciously creative menu and culinary philosophy.

What people are saying about Chef Chu’s

[To Larry] My great appreciation for the incomparable feast of Peking Duck and many other delicacies.

George P. Schultz, former US Secretary of State, currently Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Chef Chu is amazing: his restaurant is consistently excellent, he is a wonderful teacher, his recipes are completely reliable, and when he caters an event you never need to worry – you know the food will be delicious, beautiful, and ample.

Paul Brest, Dean, Stanford Law School, Stanford University
Iris Brest, General Counsel, SyStemix, Inc.